About Us

Our Mission

We partner with educators, students, and schools to bridge disparities, provide meaningful educational experiences, and demonstrate the power of students learning with and from each other.

Our Story

Achieve Miami is dedicated to fostering a transformational education ecosystem in Miami. Together with partners from the public and private sector, Achieve Miami designs and manages programs that bring together members from various parts of the community to extend learning opportunities for students, teachers, and community leaders.

In 2015, Achieve Miami launched it’s inaugural program, then called “Baby Bulls,” which brought together elementary and high school students to learn together on Saturdays. This program, now known as Achieve Saturdays, demonstrated the power of connection between students of different ages and backgrounds to accelerate learning for all. Since then, Achieve Miami’s work has evolved to include four major programs – Saturdays, Summer, Music, and High School Clubs – and has engaged thousands of students from diverse backgrounds in meaningful educational and connection experiences at school sites in Little Haiti, Brownsville, Overtown, Liberty City, and Homestead as well as through virtual channels.

Our Core Values

All of our work at Achieve Miami is grounded in the following core values:

  • Opportunity: We believe in providing high-quality opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Equitable Access: We believe in working to open access to relationships and learning in communities with fewer opportunities.
  • Community: We believe in working with partners in schools and neighborhoods to build relationships that connect young people to community. 
  • Connections: We believe that making connections for young people has profound benefits for everyone involved.
  • Learning: We believe in measuring, listening, and improving.
  • Sharing: We believe in sharing what we learn so others can benefit.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

All across the country people are grappling with the impacts of systemic racism and asking themselves how they can be part of the solution. The ugly truth is that racism and inequality are deeply embedded in our nation’s history, especially with regards to Black Americans. While our team at Achieve Miami has always been committed to promoting equity and connecting individuals across lines of difference, we have recommitted ourselves, with increased intentionality and vigor, to doing all we can to promote equity. This will require us to find the words to discuss race and racial equity with our students in ways we previously have not. There will be times when we stumble and say the wrong thing, or simply neglect to say the right thing. As we embark on this recommitment to equity, we invite our Achieve Family to critique our efforts along the way, as those critiques will only make us stronger.

For those of you who are hurting right now, we stand with you. For those of you who need someone to talk to, we’re here to listen. For those of you who are struggling to find the right words or actions to express your solidarity in this movement, let us figure that out together.

Our Board of Directors

Achieve Miami’s Board of Directors supports Achieve Miami as the organization seeks to have a positive impact on our Miami community. We are currently recruiting new board members from different backgrounds and with various areas of expertise. If you are interested in applying for a board seat, please complete the application and we will be in touch if your expertise/experience matches our needs!

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