Miami Connected

Miami Connected, launched in the spring of 2021, is a collaborative initiative led by Achieve Miami and The Miami Foundation with a bold vision to make Miami the most technologically inclusive community in the United States. Born out of the urgent need during the COVID-19 crisis, when hundreds of thousands of children faced the digital divide, Miami Connected works hard to bring free broadband connectivity, digital literacy, and technology career opportunities to over 100,000 students and families in Miami-Dade County.


79,941 FAMILIES & 159,882 STUDENTS

Along the journey of digital inclusion across all of our program areas.

Internet Access

Helped 53,016 families get connected with at-home broadband internet service.

Digital Navigation

Provided 2,895 families with hands-on support on how to get connected with internet service and devices.

Digital Skills

Provided digital literacy instruction to 130 families, and awarded grant funding to expand services.

Careers in Tech

We have been learning from partners and community members to inform our strategy in the coming year.

Systems Change

We embarked on the development of a countywide broadband plan to draw down and deploy federal funding.